Our awards

Since 1969, the story of DUEBI Italia is the story of a family-owned company that has been able to look beyond, with original and innovative Made in Italy proposals, characterized by product quality and attention to detail, appreciated even beyond Italian borders.

In the 12,000 square meters production facility in Pesaro, family tradition coexists with a drive for innovation. Here, in an open and collaborative environment, all high-value-added activities are concentrated, leading to the creation of furnishings that combine the beauty of forms and materials with the functional needs required by customers.

The continuous investments in research and cutting-edge machinery have allowed DUEBI Italia to ensure high production standards and maintain an excellent quality-price ratio, always offering the possibility of product customization.

The current production of DUEBI Italia focuses on proposals for the living area and the bedroom, comfortable and functional furnishing solutions that adapt to the needs of modern life and bring authentic Italian taste to the world.


Only materials of excellent quality can meet our standards, and therefore our customers. Lacquers, finishes, hardware, all single components that togheter make up the product and are very important for their quality and durability. Here are the values that allow us to select the material with great attention.


Experimenting and designing, thanks to constant collaboration between the designer, technical office, and ownership: aesthetics take shape. The alternation of solids and voids to contain or display, the use of color, innovative solutions that allow transformation, always thinking of an environment to be experienced, in a unique and personal way.


Sculptural and theatrical, Duebi furniture is like precious caskets made with refined elements. A continuous search where the value of craftsmanship combines with a functional aesthetic product, resulting in high-quality 100% Italian craftsmanship.


Duebi offers a wide range of finishes and decorations, thanks to an innovative use of printing on doors that allows for infinite textures, even customizable.


Duebi uses CNC equipment in the production process, supervised by specialized technicians. The result is a perfect and consistently controlled product.


Over 40 years of professionalism in every single element, resulting in 100% Italian aesthetics and quality.

DUEBI Italia is among the 1000 Champions Companies 2023 awarded by ItalyPost and L’Economia del Corriere della Sera for the growth rate and high solidity. An acknowledgment that fills us with pride and encourages us to work even harder to promote the value of Made in Italy and create development opportunities in the Marche region.