Compositions with a strong impact. Frames and inclined lines. Wood essences and lacquers. Textured finishes, stones, and metals. Heterogeneous elements that blend into a single compositional solution, creating furniture with its own identity.


Dimensions as catalog image:

W.3000 / H.2483 / D.525 mm

make space

Creating a space. Choosing details carefully. Details create perfection.

Texturized and lacquered finishes

Textured finishes for cabinets / doors / tops / bookshelves

Smooth white

Spatula white

Spatula grey

Northern walnut

Light oak

Briccola oak

Canaletto walnut

Piasentina stone

Textured finishes for doors /12mm thick tops 

Reflex bronze 98

Reflex copper 93

Reflex titanium 96


Textured finishes for tops, 58mm thick

Spatola white

Briccola oak

Canaletto walnut

Northern walnut

Light oak

Textured finishes for doors only

Grey stone

Volcano stone

Beige leather

Grain leather

Natural stone finishes for door only


Glass finishes for doors only

Onice brown

Onice Pink

Finishes for tops and plinths

Glossy gold

Glossy silver

Fused glass finishes (Kristal) for doors only

Satin-finished bronze glass

Brown mirror

Glossy and matt lacquered finishes for cabinets / doors / tops / bookshelves

Avio grey 558

Night blue 6030

Alaska 555

Turquoise blue 556

Steel 446

Grey 551

Black 424

Chocolate 395

Lime white 028

Dove gray 855

Mink 856

Brown 357

India Grey 2005

Mint 2010

Pearl white 1013

Tundra 272

Grass 213

Mud 271

Lead 375

Iron 374

Light purple 294

Blush pink 151

Peach 1040

Brick 3050

Ochre 2050

Ruby 3003

Gremisi 293

Plum 283

Dark red 141

Siena orange 503

Senape 084

Yellow 1018

Different types of doors identify the product, creating elegant solutions and ensuring maximum compositional and creative freedom.

Oblique door

Frame door

Flat door

Shelves and tops, available in two different thicknesses, customizable in wood or lacquered finish.

Large shelf

Open shelving unit

Retractable top

Thick games

Metal open shelving and minimalistic TV stands represent an ideal choice for those seeking a contemporary and functional solution, capable of enriching spaces with a touch of modernity without compromising the essential style.

TV stand




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